accelerate plan

Accelerate Plan

Featuring 3 Valentus Products…..
Optimum Coffee, M.O.R.E Detox & 24/7 Carb Burner

Accelerate Plan, combines 3 of the Valentus products, to follow maximize and put your weight loss results into overdrive.

Combining 24/7 Carb Burner and the MORE Detox with our Optimum coffee will help the body’s potential to burn fat and lose weight at optimal times during the day. 

✔   Combines three weight loss products – Optimum Coffee, 24/7 Carb Burn & the M.O.R.E Detox.
✔   Detox and weight loss in one plan.
✔   Simple to follow, building a healthy body while losing weight.

Combining all three products will help balance your body and accelerate your weight loss goals.*

Optimum Coffee – Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, feel-good ingredients, and detox components and powered by VASO6™ a Nitric Oxide, Antioxidant Booster for Optimum Circulation & Oxygen delivery.

24/7 Carb Buner – Will help smooth out your skin and tighten it, regulate sugar and inflammation. Promote better sleeping patterns and manage your body day and night. 24/7 carb burner also has all-natural plant molecules that alleviate stress.

M.O.R.E Detox – is formulated for total body Mineralization, Oxygenation, Rejuvenation, and Electrolyte delivery. If your body is overloaded with toxins from unhealthy lifestyle choices, detoxing is always advisable.

✔ 100% Natural
✔ Vegan Friendly
✔ Gluten Free


For detailed information on each product please visit the following pages by clicking on the below links:

Optimum Coffee

Prevail Max Information

Prevail MORE Detox

4 sprays in the mouth
Morning, Midday, Evening

Optimum Coffee 
Drink hot or cold (think ice coffee in hot weather) first thing in the AM on an empty stomach and late afternoon.


Shake well before use. Place 2-full droppers of Prevail MORE Detox into any 16 fl.oz or more bottle of water, shake. Avoid consuming with food or medications for 2 hours.

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