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Valentus Prevail Products feature Powerhouse Optimum, SlimROAST™ & SlimROAST Plus, Prevail Energy, Prevail Trim, Immune Boost™, Breakthrough, Prevail Cocoa, Prevail Keto and our oxygen spray Prevail Max. Further details on each weight loss drink below.

weight loss drinks slimroast coffee


Formulated with natural appetite suppressants & detox components, Valentus SlimROAST Coffee is the perfect start to your day. You will love the taste of this dark roast coffee that comes in both Italian or Brazilian bean.*

weight loss drinks juice product


Valentus Prevail TRIM is made with natural appetite suppressants & ingredients that may help you to detox. Prevail TRIM is a positive add-on to any weight management plan. Wait until you taste this delicious tropical weight loss drink!*

berry weight loss drink


It has been found that the more antioxidants you can consume, the more resistance you have to fight sickness and infection. Prevail IMMUNE is full of natural antioxidants to help balance and support your overall immune health.* Delicious berry taste!

energy drink from valentus


Most energy drinks on the market are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. ENERGY is made with natural ingredients to give you a healthy boost, without harmful stimulants. Prevail Energy works in minutes with no crashes!*

slimroast cocoa


A Chocolate weight loss drink, is finally here. All natural, rich in colour, amazing taste! Will help manage your weight and suppress your appetite in the most indulgent way. SlimRoast Cocoa will be shipped from January 8th.

slimroast cocoa


New SUPER Coffee launched May 2018. New blend with VASO6™ A Patented Ingredient added to create Slimroast Optimum. Take your workouts to the next level.

natural detox cleanse drink


Have you ever done a body cleanse before? Valentus Prevail products new addition, Breakthrough, could be what you have been looking for! Safe, natural easy on the body yet works. Just 12 days on 12 days off & repeat*

prevail keto creamer


Prevail Keto Creamer is a nutrional breakthrough for your cells. Simply put; “Ketosis” takes fat and moves it into your bloodstream as bioavailable energy, this delicious creamer helps you turn fat into energy!​​*.*

valentus previal max spray


We all know that oxygen and nutrient delivery to our cells is important! Valentus Prevail Max is the perfect product to add to your 12 in 24 diet program because this little bottle packs some powerful benefits.*

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