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Chuck B. OH, USA

Went to the doctor yesterday haven’t seen him in 6 months!

No more cholesterol meds Blood pressure good Vitamin D good Testosterone good.

And cut my thyroid meds in half Down 55lbs!

Thanks to slim roast giving me the upper hand with my cravings I feel awesome!

Gloria D, British Columbia

I just got off the phone with my Sleep Apnea Specialist and I have to share the Good news!! (although I already knew by how i felt)…but to hear them confirm that I NO LONGER need my Sleep Apnea machine anymore makes me ecstatic!! Since Being on Valentus Functional Beverages and losing all that weight it has not only by taken away my inflammation and put a spring in my step but now I’m off of my Breathing machine!! Feel free to Share.

Lorrie J.

Been doing the coffee and the Max for about three weeks now down 6 lbs.

Before i started drinking this coffee all i thought about was food and was always snacking now I dont hardly have any appetite at all and about forget to eat lol.

I feel like i am eating to live instead of living to eat and it feels great and also have a lot more energy.

Jackie S, Georgia

Let me tell you my story!!! WHY I LOVE Prevail Max!!! – I had back surgery 6 years ago and was told I will be in pain the rest of my life cause of a ruptured disk that was damaged by a 5cms piece of plastic that was left in my back from an epidural needle. I have been using the Max since it came out and lets just say I LOVE MAX Nothing has ever taken the pain away like this and if I don’t use it for a day it’s not okay only because I am totally pain-free. Oh By the way the plastic piece was in my back for 33 years!

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Kimberly G, OK, USA

I missed my 4 month date by 2 days, so I’m sharing it now. Lol I started drinking Valentus Slim Roast November 16th, 2016. I’ve lost a little over 30lbs and gone from a 3x to a large top, sz 18 jeans to a 14. WHOOP!! I drink 2 coffees and 1 immune boost every day! These beverages have truly helped me love life again. Everyone around me has had the flu, but I haven’t been sick at all. Thank you, Lord and Valentus.

Christina G, Canada

I have been on the Accelerated pack for 1week. Today starts day 8. I struggle with depression pretty regularly and unfortunately just chose to go to bed two days this week and missed two of my nightly detox.

However, even with this I still lost 10 inches this week!

Laura E, United Kingdom

Hey everyone, in the last 6 months I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 12! Over 30lbs & 35inches all over my body gone!

To say I feel amazing from Valentus products is an understatement.

Thank you for making me feel alive again & enjoying my relationship with food x

Connie G.

I don’t want to take pics just yet but I’m a month In since joining my valentus journey and I’m amazed how good I feel from these amazing products! I’m losing alot of inches instead of pounds but my shirts are really getting loose the slim roast and trim has been my lifesaver! It just seems everyday that the slim roast is just melting fat off of me everyday that I take the slim roast!

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Steph C, Ontario

It’s only my 3rd day on the SlimRoast coffee and I have notice I have more energy and feel better. I had a back fusion last year and been on pain meds for close to 2 years and it’s been 2 days now I haven’t even had 1pill for pain !!!

I feel great thanks valentus!

Andrea G, Canada

My 10 year old daughter has been having growing pains, especially at night when she’s trying to sleep. Last night she came to me a couple hrs after she went to bed in tears because her knees where hurting. I gave her some Max and a warm cup of Immune Boost. She fell right back to sleep with the pain GONE!! Some days I seriously don’t know what we would do without these products for our family!

Shannon I.

Good morning all, just a testimonial from myself!! Started drinking the coffee about a month and a half ago, had pain in my left shoulder nonstop from the arthritis.

After a couple of weeks drinking the slim roast coffee I have no pain and can actually sleep in comfort now!!


Heather F, Ontario (Prevail Max Spray)

I had ACDF (fusion of 3 vertebrae and loss of 2 discs) in my neck 3 years ago. Although not severe, I did have ongoing discomfort that would occasionally impair my sleep and I would genuinely get tired of “holding my head up” during the day. Not anymore! I feel like max has improved my neck significantly. And the associated nerve pain from the blown discs has settled down as well.

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